Temporary Closure

We're currently on hold and unable to take orders at this time. 518 Kitchen is seeking investors at this point in order to continue operating. If you are interested please email info@518kitchen.com

How It Works


Our chefs have prepared a number of menu items for palate-pleasing breakfasts, dinners, snacks and side dishes. Choose from favorites like bacon and eggs or chicken parm – or try our chef’s specials like shrimp with alfredo sauce or lamb saag. With so many delicious options, it’s hard to pick!



We pack up your selections – flash frozen for freshness – and ship them to you within days.



Tear open the box and pop it in the microwave… your restaurant-quality meal will be ready in just 5 minutes! Or, toss it in the freezer, ready for you to enjoy on your time. It couldn’t be easier to adhere to a keto lifestyle with 518 Kitchen!



Start your day with everything bagel bites. (Really. A low-carb bagel!) Enjoy a cheese quiche for lunch. Then truly treat yourself with fresh-caught salmon with lemon butter for dinner. You’ll never get bored with satisfying selections like these… with the flexibility to add on side dishes, extra protein and – don’t forget the fat bombs! From everyday classics like mac ’n cheese to special occasion entrees like duck leg confit – our chef’s recipes are sure to please.


Maintaining a low-carb or keto lifestyle can be hard at times. That’s why 518 Kitchen makes it so easy. With so many healthy food options, delivered to your door – fast – we take the stress out of meal planning. Whether you choose a la carte items – your shipment shows up at your door within days, ready for your freezer… or your stomach.

To learn more about payment, billing, or shipping, check out our FAQs.


The chefs at 518 kitchen work tirelessly to arrive at the perfect recipe. Then, we cook our meals to the point of perfection – and flash freeze them to lock in that quality of flavor. When your meals arrive at your door, there’s nothing to do but heat and enjoy. Your farm-fresh meal will be ready in about 5 minutes – but we recommend following the instructions on the box. (See, we’ve thought of everything!)

Simply heat, and enjoy.