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Fox Hill Kitchens

Welcome back to bread is their motto, and for many people, that phrase is hope. For those on the low carb, keto, paleo diet, or diabetics and people with celiac disease, it used to be near impossible to find bread that wasn’t filled with gluten, carbs, and sugar, let alone an alternative that tasted good.

Julie Fox-McClure saw that need and began her journey to bring people just that; an alternative to carb and sugar filled bread. She crafted a formula to produce delicious grain free, dairy free, gluten free, and non GMO bread with zero sugars and no added chemicals. With all those incredible qualities, people were shocked to find that Julie’s bread actually tasted delicious. Now, Julie continues to bring bread back to those who dearly love their bread, but hate the bloating, tiredness, and effects of high carb, nutrient devoid traditional baked goods.

Fox Hill Kitchen's bread is thoroughly lab tested and they’ve proven time and time again that their bread consistently maintains very low carb, keto standards, and also contains zero sugars at any serving size. We don’t add any chemicals or preservatives. Our ingredients are grain free, dairy free, and GMO free, meaning those on a paleo diet can enjoy our great tasting bread with no worries. People working to manage their diabetes love our bread as well, zero sugars means no worries when it comes to enjoying our bread. We receive many happy reports that our products have never caused a rise in blood glucose after consuming any amount of our products. We want to provide everyone with a worry free bread filled life by giving people the healthiest bread possible for an affordable price.

At Fox Hill Kitchens, they are dedicated to providing delicious, healthy bread to you and your family, so you can enjoy what you like and still feel wonderful.


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