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3 Reasons You're Stalling on Keto

The Keto diet has proven to provide some serious results for those looking to burn fat or lose weight, and relatively quickly. Many people experience rapid weight loss in the first few weeks of starting keto but can experience a subsequent “stall” in weight loss or perceived results. Why is this? How can you bust out of that plateau?  Here’s 3 reasons you may be stalling in the keto diet, and solutions to get back on track. 

1) You’re not tracking macros

Tracking macros, or macronutrients, can seem like a lot of work. It’s certainly not easy, but taking the time to track the fat, protein, and carbs in your food can help break the stall. Many don’t track macros and are successful but if you’re stuck, counting the macros and calculating net carbs can make a huge impact. There are lots of popular macro calculators available on Ruled.me and My Fitness Pal among others. You might be surprised to see the nutritional value of what you’re currently eating, which leads us to……

2) Not eating enough whole foods

Not eating proper whole foods can lead to a keto stall. “Lazy keto” as it’s known is perfectly fine, but if it’s all you’re eating (think cheese, bacon, fast food consistently), you’re likely not getting enough high-quality ingredients or nutrients in your diet. You might be eating fat, but it’s not coming from quality ingredients. You might be eating a lot of dairy, but it can cause inflammation. Hidden carbs, additives, and saturated fat can lurk in many processed foods that appear keto-friendly. Try cooking your meals with whole ingredients, and double check product labels. Sticking to whole foods can beat the plateau.

3) You’re eating too many calories

Keto can seem very appealing at first for the types of food you can eat, in any amount, and still lose weight. This isn’t necessarily true though. It’s easy to be overeating with calories and not even know it. If you’re not tracking the calories you consume, it could be a reason why you’re not seeing results on keto. Simply being mindful of your calories can be a great tool to incorporate in your keto and low carb journey. It’s common to find that portion sizes, snacking, and processed foods that appear keto-friendly can tack on excess calories to your day.

In summary,

Using these tools together can help you break out of the keto stall. They are all connected too! Knowing the macros and calories of different whole foods not only makes you more aware of what you’re currently eating but can help you make future choices and get out of the rut that so many experience at some point doing keto. As always, check with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet. These are just a few simple and common solutions to aid you on your keto journey and snap the plateau! 


Lucy Stillman

I’m surprised how great the food is!!

Lucy Stillman

I am on Keto and have plateau. Thanks for these suggestions.

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